How to catch a roach

If for the first time you want to catch a roach, you should read this information. Catching roaches is strait forward and easy, and you do not need any special equipment in order to spend some cosy hours. It ought to be a humans-right to try catching a fish, so "collect" your kids and go for it.


A simple tip-eyed fishing rod is all you need. It is a so called pole rod and available in different lengths and being telescopic. A 3-4 meter rod is suitable for children aging 4-6 years, while older children can handle a 4-6 meter rod. The price should be less than 15 euro. There's no wheel and hence no mess with the tackle. The rod is durable and sustains to be left in the water or on the ground, and normal treatment by children.
After extending the rod, tie a fishing line to the tip-eye. The length of the line being the length of the rod minus 30-40 cm. Then attach a float to the line between two plummets and lastly the hook. The hook being size 10  or 12 flying 40 cm below the float. You' re now in business for les than 30 euro. 

Angling equipment is available in special shops where you are assured good quality and assistance. Do not obtain these items from supermarkets or general wherehouses. The quality being to bad and never fitted for the fish you are going for.



Choose a lake

Now you are ready for roach fishing, and then the question is: Where to go fishing. You should go for fairly small lakes, moors with small water holes and even the village pond in the country site will do. Larger lakes are not suited for this type of fishing, so stick to the small ones. Normally there are roaches in even the smallest ponds. Try to avoid lakes with much shadow as in forests.


Choose weather conditions

Nice weather is ok for roach fishing. I.e. a sunny day with a light wind. Roaches are always hunting for food.



Make your own bait mixing some carry, paprika, oil, flower and water. Mix it until it has a sticking consistence still available to handle, and not more than e.i. the size of a table tennis ball.

Fishing ground

Look for a place at the bank of the lake where you can move around easily. Avoid threes and bushes or you are lokking for trouble. Even a place where ducks are feed is good. Attach some bait to the hook and gently swing the float and hook into the water. Do not overdo the swinging and do not at any time have the rod over your head. With the rod and the length of the line you can easily do the fishing up to 5 meters from the bank, which is suitable for roach fishing. Are there not too many ducks in the lake, it is a good idea to throw small pieces of white bread into the water drawing more fish to the area.

Vigorous movements of the float standing or laying on the water is seen when the roach takes the bait. Instantly raise the rod in a firm movement to hook the fish. Do not overdo it by pulling it all out of the water, it rarely gives any good result.
When a fish is hooked, gently remove the hook from the mouth of the fish trying to do as little harm as possible.

Bring a white coloured bucket to let the kids study the catch. It is ok to hold the roach i wet hands. Never in a towel or anything like that. Release the fish after up to 15 minutes in the bucket. Always handle the fish gently and respectfully, never to be left on the ground and not long time out of water.


Shopping list

Print below list and present it to your local fishing gear shop. They will find the items for you.

Pole rod 3-4 meter 12-14 Euro
A bag of hooks size 10 or 12. 2-3 Euro a bag holding 10 pcs. (marked: kamasan specimen eyed)
Plummet 0,4 gr., also named  BB. 3 Euro (gently squeezed to the line. Your dentist dont like it, but you might use your teeth' s).
Float, pen-shaped and available in many colours and sizes. Plastic is most practical and they last better than wood. Weight load 1-2 gr. (2-4 plummets). 3 euro a piece.
20 meter line. Diameter 0,20. Weight load aprox. 3 kg., more than ample. 1,5 Euro

There You are, ready to go roach fishing. Price less than 30 Euro.



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