Danish Carp lakes

You should consider visiting Denmark for some carp fishing. There are many lakes in Denmark and almost all of them hold a carp stock.

In this article I will list the most popular carp lakes. They are all public waters with no stupid rules. Follow these simple guidelines and you should have no troubles:

  1. Always maintain a clean fishing spot. All garbage must be in bags, out of site.
  2. Never start a fire.
  3. Never get drunk and loose you brain. Remember you are fishing!
  4. Respect other people using the lake.
  5. Fishing with 3 or 4 rods is considered normal in Denmark.
  6. Unless absolute necessary use a Bivvy. A good umbrella with storm sites is more than enough. I have lived 17 days in a row under my Nash umbrella in France, so I know what I am talking about!
  7. Always take time to work round the lake before fishing. Look for fish, look for places to fish and always consider the wind conditions.

Lakes located on island Sealand – close to Sweden, close to Copenhagen

Bagsværd sø (lake Bagsværd)

  • lake size 121 hectare
  • lake gps coordinates 55.772325,12.457037 (paste into )
  • popular spots: 55.770232,12.467587 - 55.772284,12.468874 - 55.776508,12.442653 - 55.775156,12.449906 - 55.771693,12.455619
  • car parking: 55.776756,12.449836 - 55.772079,12.473075 - 55.765579,12.466004 - 55.772055,12.451821
  • fishing difficulty: Medium
  • carp stock: Many carp, however sometimes very difficult to find. Average size is around 16 lbs. A good deal of carp over 20 lbs and a few between 30 and 40 lbs. Lake record just over 40 lbs. Roach and bream are sometimes a problem, remember to bring some large baits. There are many fine pike close to 25 lbs.

Lyngby sø (lake Lyngby)

  • lake size 59 hectare
  • lake gps coordinates 55.774401,12.484374
  • popular spots: All along the north side of the lake
  • car parking: 55.773702,12.469652 - 55.773702,12.469652 - 55.773702,12.469652
  • fishing difficulty: Medium
  • carp stock: A great deal of carp lives in this lake. They are most found around the islands and near the water lilies. Average size is 16 lbs and there are numerous fish over 20 lbs. It is important to lower your rods because of traffic from canoes and kayaks. Mosquito repellant is very relevant in the summer.

Kalvemosen (lake Kalvemosen)

  • lake size 3 hectare
  • lake gps coordinates 55.821538,12.508535
  • popular spots: All arund the lake. Avoid fishing where the horses are.
  • car parking: 55.820909,12.512794 (if you stay long park here 55.82614,12.516216)
  • fishing difficulty: Easy
  • carp stock: This must be the most popular carp like in Denmark. It is a small and cosy lake with a good carp population. Mainly big mirrors but also a few good commons and a few fully scaled. Crayfish can be a BIG problem and hard bait is sometimes necessary. There are a healthy population of tench up to 6 lbs and crucian carp up to 4 lbs. Many Danes fish this lake and pressure is sometimes very high. However a great water to meet up with the Danes and get information about the fishing and other lakes.

Søllerød sø (lake Søllerød)

  • lake size 20 hectare
  • lake gps coordinates 55.814232,12.486734
  • popular spots: 55.812969,12.481104 - 55.815018,12.491519
  • car parking: 55.816062,12.493346 - 55.816062,12.493346
  • fishing difficulty: Medium
  • carp stock: This lake is special because almost 80% percent of the bank is private thus leaving only a few public spots for fishing. A boat is almost necessary here, but then you also have the possibility to present your bait in many promising spots near the shoreline. Many carp are hiding below the surface and average is close to 20 lbs. A handful of carp here weighs between 30 and 40 lbs. Pike fishing is good and also the tench stock is worth fishing for.

Løje sø (lake løje)

  • lake size 7 hectare
  • lake gps coordinates 55.833012,12.480083
  • popular spots:  All arund the lake. Avoid fishing where the horses are.
  • car parking: 55.829344,12.483836 (find a spot not annoying the people living here)
  • fishing difficulty: Hard
  • carp stock: A wonderful lake situated in the forest. The carp here are not easy to catch, but to catch one is a reword in it self. Average size is 20 lbs. Record mirror close to 40 lbs. There are many fine tench and a few very big bream up to 10-12 lbs. In the very early morning, work around the lake and I promise you, that you will see signs of carp. Now knowing where they are, you should concentrate your fishing here.

karpfenangeln in dänemark

Carp fishing in Denmark

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