Cape Verde

Lars and Thomas spent 6 days fishing in beautiful Cape Verde.

Here is some of the fish they managed to get onboard during their stay.

A great looking yellow fin tuna at 85 kg / 187 lbs.

This massive tuna proved to be a real fighting machine!

 Lars with a fast swimmer. Several Wahoo´s came to the boat.

The wahoo is a realy strong and fast fish putting up some great fights.

The teeth combined with the speed of the Wahoo, makes it possible so bite a bait fish in half leaving only the head and hook at the end of line. This is done so fast they you want even see the rod tip move.

Wahoo close-up. Notice the scissor like jaws.

Some deep sea fishing showed a true variation of colours from the dark ocean floor. Why these fish are so beautifully coloured in a 100% dark environment is difficult to understand.

Lars with a beatiful fish from 300 feeds.

 A dolphin jumps high behind the boat. Photo taken by Thomas Søfort while big game fishing in Cape Verde.

I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky..... You can’t, you’re a god damn dolphin!

Another deepsea fish with large eyes.

A bigeyed deepsea fish.

 This is why it’s called a yellow fin tuna. Photo taken by Thomas Søfort while big game fishing in Cape Verde. A short storie is now ready.

A yellow fin close up - Cape Verde

A hunting tuna. Would you like to present your bait close to this monster fish?

Tuna, just looking for a bite..!

This movie shows a lot of dolphins playing with and around the boat. Notice the speed of the boat which is fishing speed.


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