Variation: Ghost koi (style: Ki-Mizuho Ogon)

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Country: Israel
Breader: NA
Dealer: Superkoi
Bought: September 2008 - 10 cm
Length: 35 cm - 2009.09.16

This ghost koi was bought from a tank with hundreds of small koi. All koi were about 10 cm and in many colours. This koi was selected because of the big scales and the yellow body. Later on the yellow colour disappeared more or less.

If have not seen this koi at the surface yet. It is a really eating machine but only takes food that is sinking or steels from the other koi.

This koi grew from 10 to 35 cm in just 12 month!

Picture below shows the koi at 35 cm.


Picture below shows the koi at 35 cm.


Video below shows the koi at 35 cm.

This koi grew up in an aquarium at one of my friends. It was feed mainly with trout pellets and soon it got bigger and bigger. In the video below it is the yellowish koi swimming with its 3 friends. The red/black hi Utsuri and the red/white Kohaku unfortunately died.

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