Pike fishing!

This pike is my longest fish ever. After a whole day of jerk baiting from the shore in a middle-sized gravel pit I shifted to fish with big flash flies. After only 5 or 6 cast, a great pike showed it self following the fly. In the next cast it took the bait! 21.8 lbs (9,9 kg) and impressive 108 cm.

Pike 108 cm and 21.8 lbs cauth on a big flash fly

A beautiful pike caught on a perfect winter day. A lot of small pikes were landed that that day, but this biggie could not resist a big Leuciscus idus (rimte) fished on a float tackle. 23.1 lbs (10,5 kg) and 107 cm.


This pike picked up a large roach on the surface. We were fishing over 6 meters of water but the large roach were able to lift the lead and seek refuge near the surface. The pike came from deep below and it was an incredible to see it grab the baitfish in an explosion of water. 20.2 lbs (9,2 kg).



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