Cold water and live woodlouses....

The water is cold, only 5 °C/40 °F but the koi are still feeding. During the wintertime the koi are not very active but still looking for something to eat. A few land living crustaceans (woodlouses / bænkebidder) are always welcome.


Woodlouse facts

The woodlouse is also known by the name Plural woodlice. This tiny animal is a crustacean in the Onischidea suborder with over 3000 known species. It is related to shrimps and crabs.

A woodlouse can roll it self to a little ball as a defence mechanism.

The woodlouse sinks to the bottom being a perfect food source for koi.

Woodlouse eats dead plant matter.

Giant woodlouse

The giant woodlouse, also knows as the giant isopod, can grow to the size of a small cat. Don’t feed your fish with this scary looking monster…

Woodlouse habitat

You will find woodlouse near moisture because they breathe through gills. Under leaves and tree logs are fine places to look for them.

Woodlouse enemies

The woodlouse spider preys exclusively upon woodlice and therefore enemy nr. 1.

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Last Updated on Monday, 14 December 2009 14:14