Cold water and live earthworms....

The water is cold, only 6 °C/42 °F but the koi are still feeding. During the wintertime the koi are not very active but still looking for something to eat. Some nice large jiggeling worms from the garden are what they want.


I agree that koi should not be feed with regular high protein koi food with water temperature below 53 °F. But I believe that natural food should be presented during the winter time in small amounts. I feed my koi once or twice a week during the winter. I try to make sure that every fish gets a snack and make sure that no food will rot away at the bottom.

Live earthworms, live woodlouses, shrimps, caterpillars, small centipedes, spiders and daddy longlegs are all on the menu.

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Yummy, right?


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Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 December 2009 13:51